XPI Corp

Featured Client

Name:    Dylan Jones
Location:   California, USA
Client Since:   2006
Product Lines Currently Produced at XPI:​  50+

Featured Client

Name:    Dylan Jones
Location:   California, USA
Client Since:   2006
Product Lines Currently Produced at XPI:​  50+


I had a new idea for a product that I wanted to release on a crowd funding platform. XPI helped me complete my design, choose my materials and even was able to put me in touch with a marketing company that helped me make my video for the crowd funding campaign. Now, they produce my entire product and ship straight to my fulfillment house. I don’t even need to touch it.

– David S

I entered my position as Sourcing Manager for a large HVAC company in Upstate New York to deal with a serious timeline issue on a new product line. We had already submitted PO’s to a local company for over 50 injection molds that needed to be built so we could release our new product. The project was late and a change needed to be made. I had known XPI from my previous position and was confident that they could help us. They took over the program and built us 53 molds and enough parts for our product release in 70 days.

– Scott T

I work for a medium sized agricultural products distributor. We developed a product that we saw a need for in the industry. It is made of injection molded plastic, machined steel and steel and aluminum sheet metal. XPI had no problem making all the parts according to the design and doing the complete assembly. They ship the completed products to our east and west coast distribution warehouses. We have been ordering them for years and haven’t had any issues. 

– Mike W

I invented a fitness products and was referred to XPI by a friend of mine that works in that space. I was blown away with how many things that they make that I have seen with big names on them and no one knows. They helped me with my product and now we are co-developing a new one. 

– Ryan M

I founded a small archery company and we have developed some new and innovative products but really are not experienced in production. XPI was able to  recommend some easy to use CAD software and make us prototypes of our designs and then later after testing was able to produce all our products and ship to us in our own packaging.  

– Dennis W

I used XPI to make a part I needed for my new product. They were able to help me complete my design to make it more injection moldable and provide the products quickly, with great quality at a good price

– Adrian G

I invented a special spray tan applicator that allowed individuals to spray their whole body without another person helping them. I went on Alibaba to find a sprayer factory to make it. Within months of dealing with them, I found a knock off product online. I researched other companies that could make my product and found XPI. They helped me move my tooling from the dishonest factory and helped me stop them from selling my product.  

– Linda H

Years ago, I developed an innovated accessory for roller blades that allowed the user to grind on rails, but was having trouble finding the right material that would stand up to the abuse. XPI worked with me over many months and we came up with a final version that was impact and abrasion resistant and since then my invention has changed the industry. 

– Danny L

I designed a new product a few years ago for the pet industry and needed a manufacturer. My designer recommended XPI as he had used them in the past. They were very efficient and professional. They took my design and guided me through the other manufacturing steps. Now, they manufacture all my products and handle everything needed to get my packaged and ready to sell products delivered to my door. 

– Susie P

I’m a Design Engineer at a fiber optics instrumentation company. We needed some accessories for existing equipment designed to protect the product in the field. I sent the designs to XPI and they were able to recommend the right materials and the correct durometer hardness for the different applications. After making our decisions, we released the orders and got exactly what we needed at the right price. 

– Megan L

We have been buying and selling our phone accessory product for about 6 years. We have had sporadic problems with our manufacturer in China over time, but we felt we didn’t have a better option. One of our distribution partners recommended using XPI. We got a quote and they matched our existing pricing. We moved everything over and haven’t looked back. That was 2 years ago. 

– Steve L

My company asked me to find a manufacturer for our new electronics enclosure and boot. I found XPI and they were able to provide the parts, do some of the assembly and send us our custom packaging as well. It really worked out, because all we had to do was load in our proprietary electronics subassembly and then put it back in the package and send it out to the customer.

– Brian M

My company sells a product on Amazon that is made by a sub-contractor. Our returns were increasing to unsustainable levels. Luckily, around that time, we were introduced to XPI at a networking event. They took our existing design, made a few rounds of changes, providing prototypes each time. We are not really a product design company so we would never have thought of the changes that they recommended. The final version works so much better than the one before. Now our returns are way down and the product sales and and reviews are great. 

– Sophie L

My factory hired a new CFO and he kicked off a cost reduction program. My team was in charge of finding cost savings within our product lines. We explored moving our manufacturing to multiple new vendors and in the end, XPI got the business. We have been using them successfully for about 7 years now. 

– David H

My company buys about one million disposable parts from XPI per month and has for about a year. My contact at XPI came to me with a proposal to change the material of my part to a post consumer recycled plastic to reduce our impact on the environment. I was surprised that it actually cost a little less than the plastic we were buying before. We made the change and were able to promote that we used recycled material on our packaging. It was a win win for us.  

– Martin P

I have an autistic child and I developed a product that helps us around the house. I was able to make a prototype on my own, but I wanted to make a bigger batch because I thought it might be needed out there, but I had no idea how to do that. A friend of mine put me in touch XPI and they had no problem making a production version of my product. Now I am selling them and have created a small business. 

  Janet B