XPI Corp

Featured Client

Name:    Ari Brandley
Location:   Georgia, USA
Client Since:   2009
Product Lines Currently Produced at XPI:  8+

It was over 10 years ago when Theodore Brandley approached his son Ari and said, “There is a market in need of a product.” Theodore had been working in the poultry industry and recognized that the poultry house doors at the time did not provide adequate ventilation and insulation during severe weather conditions, creating leakage and unfavorable temperatures for the animals. 

To solve this problem, AG Ventilation Inc. was born. Theodore partnered with his son Ari, an experienced aircraft technician who also shared his ingenious type personality, to create shutters for poultry, hog and dairy barns. Their innovative shutter system improved airflow during warmer times of the year and provided a tight seal and insulation during winter months to drastically reduce energy costs and improve animal living conditions.

This father-and-son team continued to innovate by producing superior ventilation doors that did not rely on cables that were prone to stretching and breaking. Their system used a patented ratcheting strap spool mechanism and straps made from strong military-grade materials.

The Challenge

However, their new inventions came with challenges. Because it was extremely expensive to manufacture their products in the USA, Ari began searching online to find a company that could help them design and build their products more cost effectively.

That’s where XPI came in. XPI worked with Theodore and Ari to produce multiple rounds of prototypes and conduct numerous tests. By 2009, the product was ready for mass production.

Hard work pays off

It has now been over a decade, and Theodore and Ari are still happily working with XPI. XPI is more than just a manufacturer for the AG Ventilation team; they are a partner every step of the way — from idea creation through execution. They are grateful to XPI for assisting in the development of new product lines and solving challenges as they arise, ultimately growing their single product into multiple complementary product lines. 

With XPI’s assistance, AG Ventilation has obtained several patents over the years and created a product line that has changed the industry. Giants such as Costco, Tyson and Purdue now utilize AG Ventilation products in their operations. Theodore and Ari are in awe of the success of their family business, and they could not have done it without XPI. 

So, what’s next for AG Ventilation?

Theodore and Ari plan to distribute their products internationally, starting in Asia and eventually expanding to Europe and beyond. Side by side with XPI, they look to the future with confidence, excited for all the possibilities their partnership has to offer.