XPI Corp

Contract Manufacturing

As a contract manufacturer, XPI has been exposed to an unbelievably wide array of products. Some of these products can be produced, assembled and packaged within our facility and some of them require specialty component parts that must come from outside producers. To support the needs of our clients over the years, we have built a vast network of component suppliers and custom fabricators. Our purchasing and QC team is relentless when demanding the best from our suppliers and refuse to allow any substandard product to enter our supply chain.

End-to-End Solution

Once our in-house assembly department has the parts they need, our custom assembly lines go to work, supported by industrial engineering process design, continual training and QC oversight. Finished products are submitted to a final QC check and then packaged and stored in our controlled warehouse where they await the customer’s approval to ship.


Shipping and delivery of client’s shipments is guided and overseen by our in-house logistics department. In addition to ensuring smooth product transport, our logistics department also aids our clients in choosing the most appropriate HS codes to avoid any unnecessary import duties when the shipment reaches its destination.