XPI Corp

Contract Assembly

Let XPI produce your product or multiple product lines in our own 100,000 sq. ft. fully equipped facility.

Scalable Flexible Workforce

Owning and operating a manufacturing facility can be a burden and a distraction to organizations that are geared to innovate, market and sell.  XPI was founded to be the solution for these clients. Our global operation is designed to be your strategic manufacturing partner. Our assembly staff is organized into flexible and scalable work cells that can provide the labor you need when you need it. Labor force at the touch of a button without any overhead expense.

Intellectual Property Security

Our organization is designed to keep our clients designs, technology and knowhow safe and private. Not only do we keep our client information safe, but we do not even reveal client identity are unless they give us explicit permission. This attention to privacy is another reason why XPI is a go to manufacturing partner for many global brands.

Quality Control

Strict quality control and precisely following client directives are two hallmarks of our manufacturing operation. While our quality control team has standard protocol that can be used if requested, they are also flexible and can carry out any custom inspection scenario requested of them. Our in-house team of fabricators can also create custom fixtures and tools to measure your product in any way imaginable.


Innovative packaging is becoming more and more important in the marketplace. XPI has access to all packaging styles and materials to help you set your product apart from the rest. In addition to conventional options, we also have access to post consumer recycled materials as well.