XPI Corp

Additional Services

Product Design Support

When setting out to mass produce a cost-effective product, one of the most critical steps is product design. Features like ease of manufacturability, product weight and material selection all impact cost as well as product success.

Our team of experts is available to help you craft the perfect design based on years of experience and exposure to thousands of products.

We have in-house capability to turn your ideas into a reality with precision, speed, quality and competitive pricing. Our engineers can guide you along the product development process and are trained in the latest design software available, including SolidWorks, Pro/ENGINEER and AutoCAD.

We are eager to review your design plans and product goals with you. To get started, please contact us today.



XPI offers prototyping services to ensure adequate dimensional and functional testing before going to production. We operate multiple 3D printing stations both in the USA and China to support our international design efforts. This capability allows us to work with clients to test their design concepts in a convenient and efficient way before embarking on large scale production.

Shipping and Logistics

In addition to designing, producing and packaging our client’s products, our dedicated Logistics Department also supports the movement of finished goods from our factory to their destination. XPI strives to take as much burden as possible off the client and make their experience as painless as possible. This includes guiding the client on dealing with cross-border formalities and connecting them with registered import agents in their home country.

From design to distribution, our full range of services will become an extension of your operations. We can move your product from the idea phase all the way to arrival at your customers’ door.