XPI Corp

Past Project Examples

Mobility Training System

Already established in the fitness and mobility product manufacturing space, XPI was the logical choice to manufacture this product line. It required several manufacturing techniques including injection molding, over-molding and machining.

Hydroponic LED Grow Towers

An existing XPI customer had an idea to maximize the amount of grow space in their facility. After laying out the initial concept, XPI engineers designed a system that met the client’s goals. The resulting system used a welded steel support framework, large extruded PVC towers with removable and interchangeable grow cups, and a rotomolded base/water reservoir. Sourced items such as pumps, sprayers and adjustable wavelength LED’s further enhanced the system.

Insulated Agricultural Panels

After years of manufacturing the predecessor to this product, XPI proposed this new innovative design to the client. It was designed to satisfy the client’s need to make their product corrosion proof. It contained not only injection molded parts and EPS foam parts but also featured an innovative shell design featuring UV resistant thermoformed panels.

Electric Kayak

A young inventor struggled to find the right company to manufacture his invention. Not only were numerous manufacturing capabilities required but he wanted a partner that he could trust with his intellectual property. Ultimately, XPI was chosen and has become his manufacturing and design partner. Numerous design refinements were made to improve the manufacturability of the design and compatibility with common shipping methods.

Pharmaceutical Fixture

A pharmaceutical supply company developed an automated filling system and needed a high-grade fixture to complete their process. The design required numerous manufacturing methods, materials and coatings to deliver the precision required along with desired look and target cost. XPI was chosen to provide design input and manufacture the resulting product.